Kintyre Recycling Ltd

Argyll and Bute School Clothing Bank – South Kintyre

South Kintyre Schools and Nurseries are working with Local Community Groups to develop a Sustainable Used School Clothing Bank

The School Clothing Bank is where Children and families can donate their used school uniform to their school or nursery who will store donated items until Kintyre Recycling Ltd collect the uniform from schools. They then sift the clothing and then Launder-aide wash an iron them. Reusable clothes will be stored and can be distributed to children and families as they are ordered, older clothing that can’t be reused will be sent away for recycling. There will be no cost for the reused school uniforms, however donations will be accepted and be at the discretion of the users of the service, any donations provided will help to ensure continued delivery.

Participating Schools and Nurseries

  • Dalintober Primary School
  • Dalintober Early Learning Centre
  • Glenbarr Primary School
  • Castlehill Primary School
  • Carradale Primary School
  • Drumlemble Primary School
  • Drumlemble Early Learning Centre
  • Campbeltown Nursery

Donations can be made at:

  • The Textile Clothing Bank at Benguillion Road, Campbeltown, PA28 6LS
  • The Textile/Clothing Bank in Carradale Primary School
  • The Textile Clothing Bank in Glenbarr Primary School
  • Kintyre Recycling Ltd, Workshop 2 Hazelburn Business Park, Campbeltown, PA28 6HA